Wednesday, December 2, 2009


That's what I yelled out loud. I evidently don't know enough four-letter words to express myself.

My 2A strings (the same pair I made in my last post) were giving me trouble, and I was tuning my wood axle Team Losis until I found a good setting. Tried seemingly everything, but they evidently just needed broken in.

Funny way to word it...

So I have to scrap both of these strings (they are a unit), measure and tension another, get the kinks out, all the while keeping my cat from eating them, then get them wound up, and after that find the proper length and gap width and all the other settings that I just made for the last pair of strings. Freaking mess, I just want to play with toys.

Ed made mention that making 2A strings is hard. Steve loops with Russells, and demonstrated for a billion years, so nothing's going to phase him. I'm finally finding out how hard and frustrating it really is for myself.

These cotton strings are wonderful for all of my other yo-yos. But I just cannot get them to work in my wood axle 'da Bombs. To make sure it was the strings and not just me... I cheated. Got a cotton string from my pile of leftovers, cut it, and tried some hops (what I have had trouble with recently). Yeah, it's these new strings.

I suppose it's because this string is so stiff, it doesn't start wrapping around the axle as readily. And ohhhhhhhhhhh, it's frustrating. I was double-looping the axle for a while, but that just wasn't working.

But these new strings are OK... maybe I didn't make the last ones right? Too much tension?

Nah, forget the excuses, I just am not good at looping and need practice. Gotta get on it.

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