Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Break

So I got some new yo-yos (thanks ed).

This pair of wood-colored Hummingbirds are just up my alley. The gap is wide enough to allow looping with this old-school string (while double-looped), and just challenging enough to play single-looped.

But I broke a pair of strings on them within an hour.
These strings didn't break at the finger-loop, nor at the axle where the friction is usually the greatest. Instead, the strings broke at the outer diameter where the gap starts. The same place that would touch the ground during walk-the-dog. This is a place that I have never broken one of these strings at.

"Stop this Train" was playing in the background. I want strings to last longer with these new yo-yos. The song is reminding me that I don't need them to. It's just fine, and it's worth it.

I suppose the subtle hum from sending a loop out has a price.

But it's still so bittersweet.