Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Just Balls

I have been making yo-yo string into braids and ropes and finding uses for them since... 2004~ish. This is one of the things that further convinces me that I am indeed a suitable fit for this Project.

For example, shoelaces that are more durable (and less expensive) than those found in stores. I make it a point to have at least one pair of shoes that has yo-yo string laces. I don't think I have ever gotten a comment about laces, but it's a personal thing. I know it's there, and that's all that really matters.

A keychain is the first thing I made out of used
yo-yo string. This was when I got my first
vehicle (a '95 Nissan "Matchbox" Truck), and didn't like the laniards that were sold in stores or given for free at events. I am also prone to losing things, so I wanted something unique that could only be mine (as nobody else in Topeka that I know plays yo-yo to this day). I could also call stores and easily describe the keychain in question that I lost there. Now that I think about it, I have neither lost these kind of keychains nor gotten a comment about them...

I can do some pretty baller bracelets and necklaces (given long enough string). This is the same design I learned for making hemp jewelry products. A cool yo-yo twist on a hippie classic. I think Ed needs about four of these (forget it, he's gonna open up a head shop and sell 'em).

I'm working on a single long string from the scraps I have collected. I plan to make some more shoelaces, and have this Project travel with me wherever I go. Gonna need about five meters, and have only two meters made during the last two months.

I also have about twenty strings in my ball... it's getting sizable. Ironically, making the ball is the most frustrating part of this Project. I couldn't ever imagine throwing these old friends in the garbage, but a ball just isn't what I want, I guess.

Note: Only one Cones-to-Balls string was sacrificed to the above-mentioned crafts. Other strings are unimportant enough to sacrifice to these things (of course, only after being lovingly played first).


  1. I would think that cones-to-balls sting would make whatever crafty yo-yo sting concoction even more special.

  2. I love the shoelaces! Definitely going to make some. I have a backpack that had one of the straps break off. Had a ton of old strings layin around(can't bring myself to throw them out, broken or not!!), so I braided a bunch and voila! A nice new strap for my bag. Actually looks like crap(dirty string!) but It's still holding strong after about a decade.