Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Full One Hundred Throws and Catches

A Full One Hundred Throws and Catches (and others) from Jacob Deffenbaugh on Vimeo.

This almost seems counter-intuitive for this project. But the roots lie in enjoying every throw.

Instead of throwing the yo-yo like you always do, then dealing with the sometimes sub-par performance, why not make the actual throw more fun?

I don't have a lesson here, and I'm not really expecting this to change the world. I just want to do simple, cool yo-yo tricks.


  1. Way to make the "whole" 100 interesting. Thoroughly enjoyable, sir. You should make more videos all the time.

  2. Between this your video and the B!ST guy's video, this has been an outstanding month for yoyo videos. :)

  3. You are so super!!! That was delightful to watch. Brightened my day.